Richmond Academy of Medicine Alliance


We are so excited you are considering joining the Richmond Academy of Medicine Alliance!

If you are looking for a group that supports local physicians, medicine and science in the Richmond community, RAMA is the place for you. Please fill out the interest form below and a RAMA member will be in contact with you shortly!

Annual Membership Dues: $40


"PHYSICIANS GOT FASHION": the major philanthropic project of the organization hosted by the Richmond Academy of Medicine Alliance Foundation (RAMAF), Inc. and celebrating its sixth year in 2019.  This year-long effort involves many members and offers the opportunity to showcase everyone’s strengths and talents as well as make wonderful friendships.

BOOK CLUB: a smaller group of members that meet regularly from September through June to discuss various types of fiction and non-fiction books selected by the club.  Non-regular participants are always welcome!

DOCTORʼS DAY: responsible for planning and executing an observance as directed by the Executive Committee.

MEALS ON WHEELS (MOW): members sign up to deliver meals to handicapped, enfeebled or home-bound people, including those with special dietary considerations, on the third Tuesday of each month year round. Volunteer as your schedule permits!  Members often buddy with another member or friend and have a wonderful time serving those in need. Participatory health projects such as Meals-on-Wheels encourage an awareness of the needs of the community through educational and service oriented activities.

HEALTH PROJECTS: plans one health-related meeting a year for RAMA.

NEWSLETTER: assist the editor in compiling information, obtaining photographs, writing, and editing the monthly newsletter.


SEXUAL ASSAULT CRISIS KITS (SACKs): project to provide clothing and toiletries to men, women and children victims of sexual assault and domestic violence being treated at local hospital emergency rooms.